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Items 1 to 15 of 84 total stocks several different types of Mesh fabric. Wholesale mesh fabric and mesh fabric by the yard is always in stock at Spider mesh, football mesh, and sports mesh are just a few of the categories of mesh fabric available. A first look at mesh fabric and one is instantly transported to a soccer or lacrosse field. Mesh is a warp knitted and three-dimensional fabric. Mesh fabric is the loose net fabric that literally looks like a spiders’ web. This textile ranks extremely high in regards to breathability and is available from in a large variety of colors. Possible uses for mesh fabric range from sporting equipment like nets for Lacrosse sticks or hockey goals to technical footwear. Mesh is anti-bacterial and anti-static making it great for trekking and safety footwear as well. The options for uses are endless as Mesh fabric is extremely durable yet offers a unique aesthetic look for more alternative fashion statements. Mesh could easily be incorporated into or depended on for the construction of sports garments as its main qualities include being a water-repellent and high strength. Mesh is also anti-bacterial and anti-static.