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Fleece Fabric

Fabric and Sewing has a wide variety of fleece fabric priced at the wholesale prices. We offer domestic free shipping for orders $50 and up.


Fleece fabrics and jersey knit fabrics are soft, stretchy, and extremely versatile. Fleece jersey especially is warm, cruelty- free, affordable and has been used to create wonderfully inventive garments by brands from Patagonia to Wild Fox.

The fluid drape and stretch properties make jersey knit fabric perfect for creating flowing dresses, stylish tops, comfy leggings as well as tees, sweats or hoodies. The same end component or garment can be reached with Fleece fabric in creating a blanket, garment lining and basically any outerwear item. Jersey knit, like jersey fleece is unfussy, has great stretch, can be formed super comfortably, wears unpretentiously and is surprisingly low maintenance! Durable with a thick deep pile, most all jersey knit and jersey fleece fabric dries relatively quickly making it an obvious choice for active wear brands.

Remember when American Apparel literally had an entire line of jersey fleece? Remember snuggies??

Jersey fleece is the top most demanded choice for outdoor labels as well as manufactures of bedding and pet items. Some Companies deliberately manufacture Jersey fleece or fleece fabric with a finer-face yarn, which makes the garment easier to print.

Fleece sleeping bag anyone?

Weight is the main decisive factor when buying or choosing what type of fleece fabric needed for a project. For example, a colder climate demands a warmer garment, which requires a Heavier Weighted fleece fabric. If you had wanted to dye or print your fleece fabric, you would choose blended fleece as it more readily and sturdily holds color.

The different weights of Jersey Fleece fabrics can affect how the garment will fit, if you intend to create a product with a more generous cut you would choose a fleece fabric with lighter weight where as if for example, you intended to create a slim fitting sweatshirt, you would choose a heavier weight for your fleece fabric.

Sewing on fleece can also be easier than other thicker, deeper piled fabrics because the fleece fabric won’t slip under the needle or fray. Brands like Utopia, Nike, Lands’ End, L.L Bean, Gore-tex, Marmot Mountain Works, R.E.I, and more all manufacture a large percentage of products with brand name and private labeled jersey and fleece fabric.

Manufactures are breaking new ground by taking advantage of technology in dying and knitting techniques when working with fleece fabrics. No longer are engineers of fashion limited to sewing traditional silhouettes when working with knit jersey or jersey fleece fabric. Technical outerwear, cardigans, fashion sweatshirts and jumpers are being lined with jersey fleece in combinations with other fabrics on creative innovations with designers each season.

Jersey Fleece fabrics appear especially more often now than ever before in street wear.

 Color, Weight, and Yarn all determine the quality and or classification of different jersey, knit and fleece fabrics. The color desired in manufacturing a fleece jersey garment can affect what blend to choose. If fluorescent colors are being used a different fabric blend would be required than that of a more pigmented, washed out color. Jersey Fleece Fabrics can be blended with many types of fabric from polyester to cotton depending on the outcome or look desired in working with the fabric. Often, the intended process that the fabric will go through to become the end result garment, may also determine which type of fabric to choose.

Weight and Yarn go together as yarn determines the overall weight of a fabric and understanding the composition starts with an understanding of different yarns and how they are woven together.

The lower the number used to scale a yarn, the thicker it is. Fleece yarns range from 20 to 40 “singles” – name given to a number of yarns in a fabric. In a jersey fleece fabric, for example, the yarn scoring would be 20 “singles” for the coziest, fuzziest, thickest fleece such as our Polar fleece! The style most popularly chosen for this time of year in America.

Polar fleece, a trademark fleece from Malden Mills is one of our most featured fabrics this season and is available in several printed styles on our website,

The Polar fleece we offer is thick and lofty, it is dense, the prints are clear, the design is printed relatively straight on grain, it has stretch and nice recovery/ is not too lax, it feels good, and if you are a sewer you will notice you cannot see the threads under the nap. You will feel that it is plush and does not pill when rubbed against itself.

Our social media channels will be offering tutorials for gift ideas using our specialty Polar fleece fabrics as well as our jersey knits which we will be promoting all season.

DIY ideas include projects like mittens, hand warmers, blankets, beanies, headbands, baby booties, dog bed, scarf, hooded baby swaddle, kid teepee tent and more projects especially for the Mama, the outdoorsmen and the traveler.

Prints range from floral to plaid to hearts and animal prints as well as sports teams. At Sewing and Fabric we are happy to offer wholesale pricing as well as an affiliate program.






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