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Flannel Fabric is a soft woven fabric that could be made of various fineness. Flannel was originally made from wool or worsted yarn but now can made of several origin fabrics or fabric blends including wool, cotton, or synthetic fibers. Flannel could even be woven or blended with Lorex or Nylon and is often brushed to create an extra soft finishing effect. When you think flannel, you think the 90’s, Kurt Cobain, mountain cabin chilling and the Northeast. Flannel is warm and often printed plaid. Flannel often gets mistaken as a print when it is actually in itself a fabric. Flannel is comfortable and a great go to for projects revolving around items for the home such as cozy sheets, the obvious oversized button up flannel which will never go out of style as well as for wraps or Afghans. Is there anything hotter than a lumberjack guy letting you borrow his Flannel while you sit by the fire? Shop Flannel fabric in a variety of colorways and prints at when you have a project that calls for a warm and classic yet durable fabric.