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Welcome to Fabric and Sewing

Here at Fabric and Sewing, we are the one-stop-shop for all of your fabric and sewing needs. Founded in 1992 and located in Los Angeles, CA, we are the world’s leading online fabric wholesaler and store, offering our customers inspirational fabric, competitive prices and dedicated customer service. Our online store is your #1 shopping destination, bringing our many years of industry experience to retail and wholesale customers alike, regardless of age or location.
We strive to be the most trusted fabric store online, bringing you an extensive and diverse product selection that is second to none. And that’s what sets us apart from other competing retailers. At Fabric and Sewing, we provide fabric by the yard that is wholesale to the public. With thousands of designs, colors and styles in a variety of fabrics, year after year, customers choose us due to our consistency and reliability within the fabric industry. Through our passion and unparalleled innovation, we maintain the same standards we have held since the beginning of our company in 1992: exceptional customer service and guaranteed satisfaction. Our success has made us more than just a simple fabric and notions company, establishing us as an extraordinary and creative resource for both new and long standing lovers of sewing and design. Whether your needs are silk, cotton or denim, to faux fur, linen, or anywhere in between, our incredible and well-maintained stock of fine fabrics are sure to suffice.


We find you the best deals, so you can sit back, relax and shop confidently. Our home page boasts new items and popular items, so you can have the best of both world,s with a simple click on the page. All of our fabrics and sewing accessories are of the highest quality, coupled with our superior customer service. It’s simply the Fabric and Sewing standard, and our continued mission to meet your expectations and exceed them.


We love discovering fabric and sewing accessories just as much as you do. Our team of customer service representatives and creative specialists are here to help you with any product information, order questions and return inquiries. And we love hearing from you! To get in touch, please don’t hesitate call us at 800-678-8569 or send us an email at What do you get when you combine a fabric company, first-rate customer service and a dedication to product consistency? We look good on you.

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